2022 Wedding Trend: Bringing Back the Getaway Car

Getaway Car

Bringing Back the Getaway Car

Remember your departure from the reception with a one-of-a-kind getaway car! Today’s brides are elevating the long time tradition of the getaway car, the vehicle newlyweds ride in when departing. It’s the perfect way to say goodbye to guests as they cheer and the photographer gets some cinematographic shots.  

Since the 1950s, the wedding getaway car has typically been the family car. This wedding practice is not just in the US, but it spans the globe. Think of it as a grand send off — wedding guests cheering, tossing bird seed, waving — as the newlyweds start a new chapter of their lives as Mr. and Mrs.

In 2022, many wedding couples are adding their own flare to getaway vehicles by renting vintage limousines! Often, they meet the photographer at a pre-arranged site for some picture-taking for the wedding album, before heading to the reception. These extraordinary vehicles are the perfect way to make your wedding photos memorable.

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Deck Out Your Getaway Car

The excitement of a getaway car doesn’t stop at the ride itself, it’s important to remember the decor! While it can be left to the wedding planner to decorate the car, it can be more sentimental if the bride and groom make it theirs! Get the little ones of the family involved as they may spark some creativity. 

Garlands, greenery, and painted signs are great decor but don’t forget that some materials can damage paint. If your car is a rental, be sure to reach out to the transportation company about your plans for decor. Damage to the vehicle can lead to expensive fines.

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