Blossom Music Center Transportation Guide with Schedule

Northeast Ohioans love to party! Many are psyched to see Blossom’s schedule to reserve tickets. 

Blossom Music Center is an outdoor amphitheater located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The venue is the summer home of The Cleveland Orchestra, its ensemble’s annual Blossom Festival and many popular rock, country, rap, hip hop concerts and more. 

Surrounded by gently sloping hills, ample grassy areas, trees and gardens the site offers many options for an evening of music. So, whether you bring a blanket or folding chair and star-gaze on the lawn or reserve a theater seat in the partially-covered pavilion, it will be an evening for you and your friends/family to remember. 

Blossom offers ample parking in a number of lots and access roads surrounding the concert site. While outside food and beverages cannot enter the gates, many finger snacks and drinks are sold within them. 

2021-2022 Blossom Music Center Current Schedule: (more info can be found by clicking the show name) 

September 27

September 29

October 1

October 15

July 6

July 19

August 3








Most concerts are held evenings, which Blossom uses as an opportunity to open booking to other events during daytime hours in the Fall. Possibilities include graduations, weddings, art/craft shows, and fund-raisers, to name a few. 

Don’t forget, all events at Blossom Music Center can start with a relaxing drive from home to the front gates. No traffic, no getting lost, no long walks from the various parking areas. What’s more, you and your guests enjoy the wide screen TV or your own recordings over surround sound speakers while munching the food and refreshments you’ve prepared to serve on a luxury Platinum Party Bus for the trip there and back! 

Fall’s just starting, dates sell out quickly so, you should be making plans…. NOW!