Breaking Tradition is the 2022 Wedding Trend

2022 wedding trend

A Guide to the 2022 Wedding Trend

It appears that the 2022 wedding trend is “Anti-trend!” After several years of restrictions and small gatherings, the industry is moving away from cookie-cutter type weddings. Outside-the-box thinking has bridal couples considering unique destinations, surprise moments for guests and departure from sit-down meat/vegan menu choices.

Destination Focused Weddings

Whether wedding plans are to take advantage of venues outside the country, or staying domestic, wedding couples are directing wedding planners to make their nuptials a 3-day respite for family and friends. This is being done in various ways ranging from scheduling welcome parties, daytime events and day-after brunches.  It’s making weddings more celebratory and immersive so that everyone has more opportunities to spend time and make memories together.

Mobility is a Must

When planning a guest-focused non-traditional wedding, couples thinking about and planning for transportation needs become “mission critical.”  How will you support getting guests to and from daytime events? Will there be more than one local? Will timing be different? How many guests are involved? There’s a lot to consider! Thankfully, Platinum Party Bus stands ready and willing to help– should the need arise–by offering shuttle, party buses and even a getaway car as the couple needs dictate.

Wedding Dinners and Decorations Favor Sustainability

To-be marrieds are incorporating sustainable elements into food and décor planning for their weddings.  Paper and Plastic are out, where table service is concerned. Sourcing food from local farms means more fresh and organic meals. 

Both table florals and those carried by the bridal party are also being created with more wild flowers and grasses. After the reception, most are taken and donated to area hospitals, churches and nursing homes versus discarding.

Planning Unique Guest Experiences

Couples in 2022, are putting a lot of thought into creating numerous thoughtful and special experiences for guests that create life-long memories. Examples of this are many and couples are doing their due diligence. According to their wedding planners, their ideas have ranged from a departure from wearing white—to favoring colors in wedding attire– to planning “pop up” performances during the reception. And, instead of just the married couple leave with gifts, having everyone in attendance leave with thoughtful/personal guest bags.   

The focus for this year’s weddings certainly appears to be ensuring that all guests experience a weekend that equally shares times of delight, connection and special memories for all …. that can last a lifetime!