If Looking for Luxury Transportation–Look No Further than Grech Motors

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel in futuristic and luxurious buses? Well Grech Motors gives the ultimate experience to each and every one of its customers. Grech has led the way in manufacturing high-end buses. Platinum Party Bus and many other transportation companies across the country are thrilled to offer Grech to their customers.

Special Features: Interior

When it comes to the full transportation experience, it’s all in the details. Grech offers many unique features like privacy blinds and LED lighting found in Platinum’s three shuttle bus vehicles that complement a premium audio system. Grech also makes Apple TV and Wi-Fi an option for their shuttle buses. The comfortable and spacious leather seating allows riders to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Special Features: Exterior

Not only does Grech offer luxury on the inside of their vehicles, but the exterior does not disappoint. Exterior LED lighting, custom paint jobs, and tinted windows makes for a super sleek look. Other bus manufacturers create buses with a standard truck appearance but Grech offers a luxurious style. They also offer a panoramic front viewing window, frameless coach windows, and many other improvements to assist chauffeurs and make for a safer ride. A prominent example of one is the open window concept making viewing the bus’s exterior surroundings easy and expansive.

Safety Features 

Safety is the last thing passengers on any Grech vehicle have to worry about. Three-point, retractable seat belts have been standard in all of their buses since  2016. Consistent upgrades like these keep the manufacturer up to date with the federal regulations of the Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standards (FMVSS). “Safety and FMVSS compliance are the top priority in our manufacturing process at Grech Motors,”’ said Ed Grech, the CEO. These buses are also accessible to anyone, not only because of the spaciousness and overhead handrails but they are also wheelchair accessible and include a wheelchair lift, cover, and tie downs. 

Grech Motors: The Ultimate Passenger Experience  

Founded in 1983, Grech has never stopped upgrading their services and exceeding their customers’ needs. As a well respected manufacturer in the transportation industry, Grech has been recognized in magazines such as Chauffeur Driven and LCT. “We love working with Grech Motors,” says Max (CEO of Platinum Party Bus). “Their focus on safety and innovation allows us to provide our clients with the safest and most luxurious shuttle buses on the market.” Platinum has two more Grech vehicles on the way for 2022 and looks forward to continuing to bring the best shuttle buses to our customers in Cleveland, Ohio. 

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