Cleveland Wedding Venues Guide

So, you’ve decided to “tie the knot.” That means it’s time to find a dream location as special as the two of you! First things first – hire a wedding planner. He/she will then get to work guiding you through the Cleveland wedding venues and the planning process. Below are 5 tips to help secure the perfect venue:

  1. Secure a Seasoned Wedding Planner. The first step to executing a memorable wedding is to hire an event planner. He/she will assess key components differently than the two of you.  For example, wanting your wedding “on the lakeshore” doesn’t really require being close enough to dip your toes in the water.  A tall building with a rooftop five miles away having open space as well as an indoor one with sliding window panels offers the same breathtaking sunset over the lake, even if it rains.
  2. Finalize a Budget. Equipped with a budget range, season of year and general location/preferred, and “feel” (Rustic? Elegant?) desired will enable your planner to generate some affordable options for you.
  3. Wading through the “Fine Print.” Some venues include items like table linens, utensils and servers in their pricing. Others do not. Your wedding planner will prepare an “apples to apples” comparison so that you’re making an informed decision. Hit the road and look at the pros and cons of each through the eyes of your wedding consultant.
  4. Know Your Guests/Their Expectations. Are stairs and handicapped accessible bathrooms available? Must the venue be within a few hours’ drive of a given geographical location? Will wedding party and/or family members require overnight accommodations? Look to your wedding planner for potential answers and recommendations.
  5. It’s Your Special Day, So Ultimately “Go with Your Gut.” You’ve used your planner wisely, but now a decision must be made. You have the insight and recommendations. Nevertheless, this magical, memorable day belongs to the two of you. So what will make you happy – Go with your gut and book it!

A Few Cleveland Wedding Venues to Check Out:

  • The Ballroom at Park Lane If you are looking for high end, The Ballroom at Park Lane will not disappoint! This upscale venue has a beautiful and romantic atmosphere that will make your day extra special. The facility was originally built in 1923 and opened as a luxury hotel and speakeasy. Today, it hosts weddings and other luxurious events. Email [email protected] for more information!
  • Ariel International Center Do you like a rustic ambiance? Ariel International Center is a 100-year old historic red brick building with high ceilings and tall windows, filling the center with natural light. It has a breathtaking view of Lake Eerie and the Cleveland skyline that looks beautiful at sunset. For more information, contact them at (216) 246-0721.
  • Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Tower For a wedding group expecting many out-of-towners having the reception right at the hotel makes planning that much easier! If you are expecting a large party, the Cleveland Marriott is a great option! The Grand Ballroom hosts 450 guests and boasts views of Cleveland. This facility also offers a beautiful outdoor patio where your guests can enjoy hand-crafted cocktails with a view. Contact the Marriott for pricing by calling (216) 696-9200.
  • The Madison The Madison was built in the early 1900s and is full of beautiful history. The space’s historic industrial look blends the ambiance from the past and the now renovated modern minimalist feel. The space is perfect for making it your own as the white brick walls and twenty foot ceilings make the sky the limit in terms of creativity. If you are interested in more details, call them at (216) 243-6858.
  • Windows on the River Are you looking for a stunning view that will take your guest’s breath away? Windows on the river will exceed your expectations! It is at the heart of Cleveland’s waterfront in the historic FirstEnergy Powerhouse at Nautica. This lakefront view with an outdoor event space will not let you down! Contact Windows on the River at (216) 861-1445 for more information.