An Unforgettable Cleveland Wine Tour with Platinum Party Bus

Your Next Adventure: Wine Tasting in Cleveland with Us

Ready to shake things up and try something new? Gather your friends and hop on a Platinum Party Bus for a laid-back, fun-filled wine tour around Cleveland

Thanks to Lake Erie’s cool breezes, we’ve got some lush vineyards and cozy wineries right in our backyard, mixing city vibes with country charm. 

Let’s check out a few spots where you can sip, savor, and chill out in style.

Cool Wineries We’ll Visit

  • Urban Vintner: This place is a hidden gem where Ed Trebets, a former chemistry teacher turned wine wizard, whips up some really interesting drinks. It’s got a cool, industrial feel and some of the best wines around. Definitely, a must-see for the tour.
  • Sapphire Creek Winery & Gardens: Think of this as a mini-Napa Valley. It’s all about stunning views, great food, and wine that’ll make you want to stay forever. Make sure your phone’s charged for this one because you’ll want to take a ton of photos.
  • Ferrante Winery: If you’ve never been to Geneva, you’re missing out, especially on Ferrante Winery. Their wines are top-notch, and the vibe is just so cozy and welcoming. It’s like visiting family – if your family made award-winning wine, that is!
  • Gervasi Vineyard: A bit of a drive but oh-so-worth-it. This place is like stepping into a wine lover’s dream. They’ve got everything: tasty wines, great food, music, and views that look straight out of a postcard.

We’ve talked about Urban Vintner, Sapphire Creek Winery & Gardens, Ferrante Winery, and Gervasi Vineyard, but Cleveland’s wine country has so much more to offer. Here are a few more wineries worth checking out on your tour:

  • CLE Urban Winery: Nestled in a former auto garage, this urban winery brings the charm of vineyard winemaking to the city. With a selection ranging from sweet reds and whites to unique wine slushies, it’s a perfect blend of elegance and urban cool.
  • Chateau Hough: This urban vineyard stands as a beacon of revitalization and community in Cleveland, producing wines with locally-grown grapes. It’s a testament to the power of wine to bring people together and foster economic development.
  • Firelands Winery: As Ohio’s largest producing winery, Firelands offers a vast selection of top-notch wines. With a wine cellar dating back to 1880 still in use, a visit here is a trip through wine history.
  • Klingshirn Winery: A third-generation winery that combines homey vibes with exceptional wines. With 20 acres of vineyards, Klingshirn Winery makes the most of its rich soil to produce wines that reflect the local terroir.
  • Laurentia Vineyard & Winery: With its rustic tasting room and expansive vineyard, Laurentia offers picturesque views and sweet sips that showcase the best of the region. It’s one of the area’s premier spots for wine lovers.
  • Lincoln Way Vineyards: Offering beautiful views and unique wines like chardonel, Lincoln Way is a must-visit for those looking to explore the variety of Ohio’s wine offerings.
  • Maize Valley Winery and Craft Brewery: Located in the heart of Amish Country, this winery and brewery combo has something for everyone, with up to 30 wines available at any given time.
  • Sarah’s Vineyard: Known for its sustainable wine-on-tap process, Sarah’s Vineyard offers a mix of great wine, beautiful scenery, and a commitment to the environment. It’s right across the street from Blossom Music Center, making it a great stop for music and wine lovers.
  • South River Vineyard: Housed in an old church, this winery offers European countryside vibes in Geneva. The winery features a sprawling estate and a unique tasting room that adds to the allure.
  • Vermilion Valley Vineyards: Dedicated to sustainable winemaking, this vineyard produces all its wines from locally sourced grapes, emphasizing the natural beauty and taste of the region.
  • Veritas Cellars Winery: This Old Brooklyn winery offers a wide array of wine options in a cozy setting, perfect for those looking to explore new tastes in a relaxed atmosphere.

Why Ride with Platinum Party Bus?

Planning with us is a breeze. Our buses are decked out with everything you need to ride in comfort and style. We’ve chatted with local wine pros to pick out the best spots so you can get a real taste of what Cleveland’s wine scene has to offer.

Let’s Make It Happen!

Ready to explore these hidden gems and iconic spots of Cleveland’s wine country and the surrounding area? 

Platinum Party Bus is your ticket to a memorable adventure through Ohio’s lush vineyards and cozy wineries. Don’t miss out on the full Cleveland wine experience – contact us today to book your tour!