The Most Popular Bars in Lakewood, Ohio

Popular Bars in Lakewood

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Five Most Popular Bars in Lakewood

  • LBMIt doesn’t take long for visitors here to grasp that this isn’t your typical neighborhood bar. Call it “Norse kitschy.”  While examples of house specialty drinks include names like “Night Marauder,” “End of My Bloodline” and “Hellhound,” all served in drink-appropriate glassware versus hollowed horns. Plates range from deftly shucked oysters with mignonette to dusted pork cracklings to lemon oregano za’atar roasted cauliflower to equally inspired varieties of boards. Happy Hour is 4-6pm.
  • Lakewood Truck Park Is a 12,000 sq. ft. indoor/outdoor spot to sample a wide variety of foods. The indoor/outdoor park provides ample safe, family-friendly, seating. There are two bars. Food trucks circle the park and change regularly. Check the park’s website for the venue’s featured fare and special events on any given date. Hours are 11am-11pm Monday-Thursday as well as Sunday and 11am to midnight on Friday and Saturday.
  • Twist Social ClubOffers a variety of entertainment, food and drink. Nosh on sandwiches, bowls, salads or enjoy a full dinner.  Entertainment includes comedy, trivia, drag shows, DJ/dancing and karaoke. The club’s open Monday- Friday from 3pm-2:30am and Saturday-Sunday from 10am-2:30am. For show dates contact the club.
  • Around the Corner Saloon & Cafe – Since 1974, The Around the Corner has established itself as a sports bar and prime to meet friends for a drink and bite to eat, It has numerous HDTVs and on weekends has an ample dance floor and patio, too.  In fact, it has four distinctly different spaces so you can choose your atmosphere! Wednesday-Saturday guests can reserve a 3-hour private igloo that will seat 4-8. For details on these and to make reservations contact Around the Corner directly.
  • Cooperstown Cocktail Company – is a baseball-theme cocktail bar located on Detroit Rd. in Lakewood. If you are a baseball fan, you’re bound to become a regular, which comes with perks! Each time you visit you get a stamp on a baseball card…when filled you get $1 off a drink. As for memorabilia, (wow!) check out the Babe Ruth baseball bat! Happy hour runs from 11am-7 pm and offers $1 off already incredibly low drink prices. Cooperstown has two separate rooms. Dining is in the second.  Food is baseball-based, too, but with an eclectic twist. For example, hot dogs with chopped roma tomatoes versus ketchup? Plan your visit soon, and keep your eyes peeled. Local sports figures stop by often!