Tips for Your Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation

Just about every bridal couple dreams of the perfect wedding day. For that reason, everyone working on planning the big event needs to check every detail, to make sure that every bit of the day comes off without any surprises. There are just so many things to do and to plan for, but we’re here to help! 

To illustrate, take just one aspect, of the many that require pre-wedding day coordination, to keep your event going smoothly – transportation. Chances are, there will be some scheduling tied to vehicles and timing necessary to ensure that not only the wedding party but guests arrive at the venue(s) on time.

Here Are Some Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • How big is the wedding party?
  • If everything doesn’t happen at one venue/location, then how many will there be? Will everyone fit in one vehicle?  Don’t forget the photographer and gear! 
  • Are there a lot of “out-of-towners” attending nuptials? How are they arriving? Will they need to be picked up from their hotel or place of stay?

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are actually the best.  The two of you and your venue coordinator will still have to complete the “homework” above.  However, once that is done, you can sit down with the information and determine the size number and type of transportation needed. 

Wedding Transportation Services

A party bus brings together the entire wedding, while also making sure everyone is together for the ceremony, reception and picture-taking. It is a thoughtful touch to have shuttle transport for out-of-towners from the airport, hotel, and to the event site. Platinum Party Bus offers shuttle buses that can seat anywhere from 23 to 56 passengers. Your out of town guests may want to check out the following hotels that are all rated 4 stars or above:

How to Choose a Transportation Provider?

When choosing someone to escort your wedding party and/or guests, always go with a company using certified professionals. Not only are their chauffeurs trained and tested on customer service and driving skills – the buses are typically newer and well-maintained to avoid problems with brake-downs. Top-notch companies will also offer countless amenities ranging from type/size of vehicle to Wi-Fi, mood lighting as well as ice and drink glasses for refreshments that you may wish to bring and stow on board.

There’s plenty to do, so it’s time to get busy looking into your needs for wedding day guests!  Like venues, the best transport services book early.  Wedding shuttles should be reserved at least 6-9 months in advance of your wedding date.

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